Anastomosis button

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1962.1.8 Object Name: Anastomosis button Manufacturer: unknown Date... Read More

Carbolic Steam Sprayer

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1934.12.3 a-c Object Name: Carbolic Steam Sprayer Manufacturer:... Read More

Heart and lung machine

ACCESSION NUMBER: 997.030.001A-B Object Name: Heart and lung machine Manufacturer:... Read More

Pill machine

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1980.18.120 a-b Object Name: Pill machine Maker: Unknown... Read More

Monaural stethoscope

ACCESSION NUMBER: 997002008 a-b Object Name: Monaural stethoscope Maker: Unknown... Read More

Midwifery washbasin

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1927.1.1 Object Name: Midwifery washbasin Manufacturer: Anton Fischer... Read More

Respirator (iron lung)

ACCESSION NUMBER: 997019003 a-k Object Name: Respirator Maker: Hospital for... Read More