ACCESSION NUMBER: 1974.13.1 Object Name: McKenzie’s leucotome Manufacturer: Down Bros... Read More


ACCESSION NUMBER: 007023010 Object Name: Braun’s cranioclast Manufacturer: S. Mawson... Read More


ACCESSION NUMBER: 1935.3.1 Object Name: Urinometer Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made:... Read More

Seton Needle

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1986.6.8 Object Name: Seton Needle Manufacturer: Unknown Date... Read More

Pill Silverer

ACCESSION NUMBER: 009027004 a-b Object Name: Pill Silverer Manufacturer: Unknown... Read More

Hey’s Saw

ACCESSION NUMBER: 997001102 Object Name: Hey’s Saw Manufacturer: unknown Date... Read More


ACCESSION NUMBER: 1930.5.1 Object Name: Lebenswecker Manufacturer: unknown Date Made:... Read More

Stomach pump and enema

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1976.6.44 Object Name: Stomach pump and enema Manufacturer:... Read More


ACCESSION NUMBER: 996010001 Object Name: Scarificator Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made:... Read More

Fox’s toothkey

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1934.8.8 a-c Object Name: Fox’s toothkey Manufacturer: W... Read More