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Sucking glass

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1979.21.37 Object Name: Sucking glass Manufacturer: unknown Date Made: 1800-1899 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Breast Feeding Milk, Human Infant Food ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION For centuries, mothers have used a number of tools to relieve the pain of engorged … Continue reading


ACCESSION NUMBER: 1974.13.1 Object Name: McKenzie’s leucotome Manufacturer: Down Bros Date Made: 1940-1949 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Surgical Instruments Psychosurgery — instrumentation Neurosurgery — instrumentation Neurology — instrumentation ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION First undertaken in 1935 by Portuguese neuropsychiatrist Dr. Antonio … Continue reading


ACCESSION NUMBER: 007023010 Object Name: Braun’s cranioclast Manufacturer: S. Mawson & Thompson Date Made: 1890-1920 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Obstetrical Forceps Extraction, Obstetrical — instrumentation Obstetrics — instrumentation Fetal Death ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION Prior to the 1900s, complicated births, particularly … Continue reading

Cardio Pacemaker

ACCESSION NUMBER: 994007030 Object Name: Cardio Pacemaker Manufacturer: American Optical Corp Date Made: 1960 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Pacemaker, Artificial Cardiac Pacing, Artificial — instrumentation Cardiovascular Diseases — therapy Cardiology — instrumentation ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION Many medical discoveries of the … Continue reading

Von Graefe’s Cataract Knife

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1975.10.2D Object Name: Von Graefe’s Cataract Knife Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made: 1870-1900 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Ophthalmology  ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION Cataracts are an opacity of the eye’s crystalline lens, found behind the pupil.  This opacity stops rays of … Continue reading


ACCESSION NUMBER: 1935.3.1 Object Name: Urinometer Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made: 1800-1899 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Urinalysis Diabetes Mellitus ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION For several thousand years urine was a, if not the, primary body fluid used in medical diagnoses.  Physicians relied … Continue reading

Seton Needle

ACCESSION NUMBER: 1986.6.8 Object Name: Seton Needle Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made: 1830-1870 MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Needles-Suture techniques ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION Seton needles first became popular in the 15th century as a means of producing counter-irritation.  This approach to medical … Continue reading

Pill Silverer

ACCESSION NUMBER: 009027004 a-b Object Name: Pill Silverer Manufacturer: Unknown Date Made: early 19th century MeSH Code: Medical Subject Headings Pharmacy-Instrumentation ARTEFACT DESCRIPTION Medicinal pills were first coated with sugars and honeys in the 9th century, to mask repulsive odours … Continue reading